Q : iButterfly is compatible with which OS?
A : We support iPhone 3GS/4G with iOS3.1 or later. There may be a chance of heavier load on iPhone 3GS running iOS4.0 or later.
Q : Where can I download iButterfly?
A : You can search and download “iButterfly HK” from AppStore.
Butterfly Search
Q : What are the icons on the map?
A : The icons are the “Butterflies’” habitat; click on them to display related content.
Q : I can’t find “Butterfly” even when I’m in its habitat?
A :

Open the map and make sure the blue dot (your location) lies on the yellow area where the habitat is, then return to “Catch” mode. Because “Butterflies” are randomly picked, catching chances are bigger within the yellow area.
Q : Why does the location on the map do not match with the actual location?
A :

Environmental factors may affect the actuality of locations, for example, blocked by high-rise building. Please try again in a more opened area.
Q : I can’t see “Butterflies”?
A : Please make sure you’re connected to the internet. If you still can’t see “Butterflies”, go to the map page and check if you can see the blue spot then return to “catch” mode.
Q : Where can I find Special Editions “Butterflies”?
A :

Stay tuned with us on iButterfly website and our Facebook page.
Capturing Butterfly
Q : How to capture “Butterfly”?
A : Look for “Butterfly” in Catch mode; when a “Butterfly” is detected, the screen will remind you with a Catch reminder. Just use your wrist to gently give your phone a flick to catch it.
*Be careful and don’t let your phone falls off your hands!
Q : What do I do if I don’t want to keep the “Butterflies” I caught?
A :

Long press any of the “Butterfly” in "All Collections" page until it flutters to enter edit mode. You can then move or delete your collections and press “Finish” to exit. Pressing the delete button will delete all of the same “Butterflies”.
Q : I saw a few “Butterflies” in the catching screen but I can only capture one, why?
A :

You can only capture one “Butterfly” at a time.
Collecting Butterflies
Q : The quantity does not increase for duplicated “Butterflies”?
A : The total quantity of duplicated “Butterflies” will be displayed in number on the “Collection” page.
Q : Can I just delete one of the same “Butterflies”?
A :

No, “Butterflies” of the same kind will be deleted once you click the delete button.
Q : Why don’t I find the redemption page even when I’ve collected the whole series?
A :

The requirements for each series are different; users have to collect the required quantity to access to the redemption page.
Q : Can I edit my “Butterfly” collection?
A :

Yes, long press any of the “Butterflies” in "All Collections" page until it flutters to enter edit mode. You can then move or delete your collections and press “Finish” to exit.
Exchanging Butterflies
Q : I can’t exchange “Butterflies” by Bluetooth.
A : Please make sure you’ve Bluetooth turned on. To confirm it has been turned on, go to “iPhone Settings” > General > Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is turned on but you still can’t exchange “Butterflies”, please restart and iButterfly and try again.
Q : Can I still keep that “Butterfly” I just sent?
A : The “Butterfly” will disappear once it has been sent; if there are duplicates, the total quantity of that “Butterfly” will be deducted by one.
Butterfly Content
Q : What will I find from the “Butterflies”?
A : You’ll find “Links”, “Coupons”, “Video Clips”, “Wallpapers”, “Connect to App store” and etc.
Q : How to use saved wallpaper?
A :

Select the wallpaper from Cameral Roll, press the arrow on the bottom left corner and select “Use as Wallpaper”.
Q : Where to find “Butterflies” with coupons?
A :

Check out the Map or stay tuned to our website.
Q : How to use the coupons?
A :

Each coupon comes with different offers, please refer to the terms and conditions of each coupon.
Q : Is there expiration date on the coupons?
A :

Some coupons may have a validity period, please refer to the terms and conditions of each coupon.
Q : What do I do when the app suddenly closes or the phone overloads?
A : For iOS4.0 or later, please try to close other apps. If problem reoccurs, restart your iPhone and iButterfly.
Q : How do you make the “Butterflies”?
A :

“Butterflies” are a hybrid of reality and images using AR(Augmented Reality Technology).
Q : Can I backup my “Butterfly” collection?
A :

No, once the app has been uninstalled, all contents will be erased as well. Re-installing will not restore the erased content or settings.
Q : Can I filter “Butterflies” to my preference?
A :

We do not support this option at this moment.



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